Acne makes us feel less like ourselves. Painful, highly visible, and damaging, acne hurts both your skin and your self-confidence. When battling acne, you want to eliminate it as quickly and effectively as possible. Yet tackling acne is an overwhelming task that will necessitate examination of many aspects of your life, from personal hygiene to diet to activities. How can you begin to understand which skincare choices are the right ones? Moreover, how can you ensure that your time spent in the war against acne is as efficient as possible? Acne’s already taken a toll on your life, and should not suppress your true self a single day longer. Ending acne’s reign of control is as simple as enlisting the aid an aesthetic doctor such as Dr. Krever.

Fighting acne can be an uphill battle, and it is crucial to have a medical professional as a part of your defenses. Understanding how to tackle acne treatment is difficult, especially with our contemporary proliferation of skincare brands and products. Our expert aestheticians will examine your skin, determine your needs, recommend acne-fighting products for home use, and perform in-office procedures. Our acne-eliminating goals are to reduce oil production, speed up skin cell reproduction and natural exfoliation, and fight existing bacterial infections. By focusing on these outcomes and working closely with you until we have reduced your acne, the Center for Aesthetic Medicine ensures that you will leave the clinic with clearer skin.

The war against acne is complex and ongoing. Fighting acne on your own is possible, but it is incredibly difficult to know whether you are choosing the correct products and cleansing practices. Our medical acne expertise makes our aesthetic center a powerful aid in your attempts to eradicate acne. After an examination, we will prescribe the proper acne medication for your skin, as well as recommend carefully selected over-the-counter products. Depending on the severity of your acne, we may suggest laser and light skin therapy, a facial peel, or microdermabrasion. We also offer acne scar removal treatments.


  • Reduce oil production. This may be accomplished via procedures, specific skin care products, or a combination of the two. Our preferred skin care lines include our private label SkinFocus, as well as professional skin care lines Avene and Glytone. If a product we feel you may benefit from is not available at our office, we will recommend other brands until you experience results.
  • Encourage skin cell reproduction. Non-invasive, in-office procedures like microdermabrasion and profractional laser therapy stimulate cell growth to help remove dirt, oil and dead skin cells from pores.
  • Fight existing bacterial infections. For targeted, intense attacks on acne-causing bacteria, our office’s laser skin treatments will produce dramatic results. We will also employ photofacials, standard facials, and specific skin care products to comfortably kill bacteria and heal your skin.
  • Resolve acne scarring. Laser scar revision, laser skin rejuvenation, and superficial skin treatments like dermaplaning minimize scars and help make your acne a distant memory.
  • Ensure healthy prospects. Dr. Krever will recommend a future regimen of home care, generally consisting of medical-grade products, topical or oral prescriptions, and nutritional supplements. We will continue to be available to you post-treatment to navigate any bumps in the healing process.

Dr. Krever will also offer dietary and lifestyle counseling in accordance with your personal acne prevention plan. Our office is invested not just in your treatment, but also in the outcome of your skin care. If you feel controlled by your acne, please contact us to discuss your options. We look forward to making clear skin your reality, and helping you rediscover your acne-free self.