While our practice is focused on many of the aesthetic and cosmetic needs of our patients, we are happy to provide basic dermatological care for everyday medical skin concerns. We can deal with minor skin diseases and abnormalities. Should your needs extend outside the scope of our care, we will refer you to the most appropriate provider.

To perform a skin biopsy, Dr. Krever removes a small amount of tissue from a potentially problematic area. Every effort is made to minimize the cosmetic impact of the removal while still capturing an adequate tissue sample. The purpose of the removal is to analyze the tissue and determine whether or not it is harmful or has the potential to become a problem down the road. All biopsies are sent away for microscopic evaluation by a board certified dermatopathologist. Early biopsy and diagnosis can be extremely important in the optimal treatment of the rash, lesion, or cancerous tissue.

Many patients attempt to remove their warts with at-home treatments. This is successful for some, but others find the treatments failing or the warts returning after a short period of time. No one enjoys their warts – we want them removed, and removed permanently. In-office laser treatment can remove the wart quickly and painlessly. No more ongoing applying of toxic-smelling wart remover or hiding your wart beneath an ever-present bandage. Laser removal can be an especially nice option for young children who have difficulty with holding still during painful cryosurgical removal (freezing warts).

Cosmetic motivations aside, mole removal is sometimes a necessary procedure that can prevent medical problems in the future. Moles are most often benign, but some may be or have the potential to become cancerous. You may need your mole biopsied or removed if it has one or more of the following features:

  • Has an asymmetrical shape
  • Has a ragged or irregular border
  • Is especially dark or has variation in color
  • Is larger than a pencil eraser or is changing in size
  • Bleeds, itches, or tingles

While skin tags are harmless, they are also undesirable and uncomfortable. Skin tag removal is simple when performed by a professional, but should not be attempted at home as the tags tend to bleed profusely and can easily become infected. Our physician is able to safely and effectively remove your tags virtually painlessly in a matter of minutes.

Milia are a common problem with which many patients struggle. Usually appearing as small, white or skin colored bumps that appear around the eyes, nose, and lower half of the face, milia interrupt the texture of the skin making it look and feel less smooth. These tiny cysts form when the inside oil glands fail to exfoliate properly and dead cells and sebum become trapped in the skin. Milia are removed by the physician using a precise and gentle needling technique that removes the trapped material from the skin without causing excessive inflammation or irritation.

For too many patients, the war against acne is complex and ongoing. Fighting acne on your own is possible, but it is incredibly difficult to know whether you are using the correct products and cleansing practices for your individual skin. Our medical acne expertise makes CFAM a powerful aid in your quest for clearer skin. After taking a thorough history and examination, we will prescribe the proper acne care regimen including carefully selected home care products as well as an appropriate prescription medication. Depending on the severity of your acne, we may suggest laser and light skin therapy, peels, microdermabrasion or other professional treatments.

Excessive sweating can negatively affect so many aspects of life for patients who suffer from this condition. Avoid the stress and embarrassment of underarm rings and odor with an easy treatment of Botox or Dysport that can eliminate excessive sweating for up to 6 months.

Our eyelashes highlight our eyes and draw attention to our faces. When eyelashes shorten and thin, eyes look older and tired. To enhance aging lashes, we offer a topical prescription medication called Latisse. This solution is applied to upper lids daily and results in longer, thicker, and darker lashes. Imagine skipping the hassle of mascara or lash extensions with your own full, dark lashes.